discuss them!

We have a Welsh Terrier discussion forum site where we exchange information about our breed.

how to join

At present admission to the chat forum and the facility to access and post comments on photos is by invitation only.

The administrators of the WELTAF community are committed to maintaining the friendly interaction presently enjoyed by our members. It is essential to restrict the membership to manageable numbers in order to fulfil our vision for this website and forum. Content posted on the forum is not pre-moderated so clearly there is a strong element of trust between its members. We are totally committed to Welsh Terriers and their owners. We are very aware that as owners of a numerically small breed, there are occasions when some of us need advice / help / reassurance / guidance, etc. regarding our own dog or the breed in general.

A positive function of the chat forum is to address these queries and to provide knowledgeable support and advice wherever possible.

Please contact us if you would like to become a member of our community.