You're interested in Welsh Terriers? You love Welsh Terriers? You own a Welsh Terrier (or two) or have done so in the past ?

You would like to find out more about the breed? You would like to meet up with other people who share your particular interest in the breed ?

You would like to discuss aspects of the breed, or have specific queries concerning your dog which you would like to share with other Welsh Terrier owners?

Whatever your reason for accessing our site - we extend a very sincere, warm welcome to you and hope that you will enjoy browsing through our website and come back and visit often!

Please leave any comments or suggestions in our Guest Book , as to how we might develop the site and be of help to WT owners.

our philosophy

Harri being Harri WELTAF which stands for Welsh Terriers and Friends was formed by a group of friends, all of whom are Welsh Terrier owners. Our philosophy is pretty simple....

“There are no subscriptions, no committees, no egos - just a group of like-minded people who own Welsh Terriers, people who are enthusiastic but realistic about the breed and who enjoy participating in a range of activities relating to them.”

That's it.  Come on in and have a look around!

have a look!

Harri and Lottie

You can view our gallery page that is a live feed from the flickr photo sharing website. When images are uploaded from our members then they are automatically fed through to our image page. This should give you an idea of what we get up to when out and about.

fancy a walk?

We regularly meet up with our dogs and go walkabout! To see fifty plus Welsh Terriers and owners together is a sight indeed! Click here for a list of forthcoming events. If you come along to one of our events you will be made very welcome whether you own a Welsh Terrier or are just curious about the breed!

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